Services - Still Images

What are Still Images?

Still life photography is the depiction of inanimate subject matter, most typically a small grouping of objects. Still life photography, more so than other types of photography, such as landscape or portraiture, gives the photographer more leeway in the arrangement of design elements within a composition. Still life photography is a demanding art, one in which the photographers are expected to be able to form their work with a refined sense of lighting, coupled with compositional skills. The still life photographer makes pictures rather than takes them. Knowing where to look for propping and surfaces also is a required skill.

What we offer offers professional grade still photography, Taken by our experienced professional photographer with over 10 years of professional experience and Using Industry standard professional photography equipment including a 21 MegaPixel Camera and various high tech lenses for any occasion our consumer may need.
After our professional photographer takes the photos using our quality photo equipment. The images then make their way to our team of graphic designers who carefully and subtly enhance your image to its full potential.
We will work with you to make your vision come to life.

Core Customer

  • Hotels, Resorts, Lodges
  • Restaurants, Bar, Lounges
  • Museum, Galleries
  • Golf Couses, Country clubs
  • Expo, Congress, Venues
  • Aquariums, Water Parks
  • Military properties
  • Medical facilities
  • Transportation, Automotive Industry