Services - Gigapixel Photography

What is GigaPixel Photography?

A GigaPixel image is a digital image composed of more than one billion pixels. It contains more than 150 times the detail captured by a typical 6 MegaPixel consumer camera. Gigapixel images are created by tiling a large number of photographs, a minimum of about 200 6 MegaPixel images to create just a 1 GigaPixel Image, We create any size GigaPixel Images depending on consumer needs. GigaPixel images are displayed on-line using streaming technology which breaks the image into small tiles and loads them as you look. This allows you instantly view high-resolution images that are over several gigabytes in size

What we offer?

The high-resolution services we offer range from 1-12+ GigaPixel, and are taken using industry standard 21 MegaPixel Camera & lens sitting on top of a high tech robotic pano head, Then digitally enhanced and stitched to offer the consumer a breath taking high-resolution masterpiece. We offer indoor and outdoor GigaPixels as well as Objects such as artwork, statues, etc.. just let us know what you have in mind and we will do our best to make your vision come alive.


  • No plugins required.
  • Cross-browser & platform capable.
  • Rotation and zooming via mouse or keyboard.
  • Optimized for fast download.
  • Customizable to your requirements.
  • Simple media integration.
  • Hosting services available.
  • Tours can be encrypted.
  • Image's will be digitally enhanced for maximum quality